SBBC has created multiple relay teams since 2018 for the R2R Paddleboard Race which takes place in mid to late June each year, begins at Two Harbors Catalina Island, and finishes at Cabrillo Beach (22 miles across the Catalina Channel). This is a family-friendly race with paddlers ranging in age from 8-80 years old. It is also very low key and casual for most paddlers, although there are some serious competitors. It is a great introduction to paddleboarding for those who have been “thinking about it” for some time. The relay teams can consist of 2,3,4, 5 team members, and paddlers can paddle as much or as little as they want. Escort boats are always by the side of the paddler to ensure safety, and there are other Safety Boats supervising the crossing. Lodging can be arranged at The Banning House, camp ground, or on the escort boat itself. Each participant shares in the overall cost of their participation.