Velzy-Stevens Paddleboard Race

August 4th, 2024 | 7:30AM | Manhattan Beach Pier
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Calling All Paddlers!
Test your paddling endurance with the Velzy-Stevens Pier-to-Pier Paddlerace on Sunday, August 4, 2024!

This quick 2 mile race is a classic South Bay event that is an integral part of the International Surf Festival.

Most popular among the Junior Lifeguards, this event also attracts the young and old alike!
Soft-top boards, prone paddleboards, and SUP’s are all welcome in this short 2 mile sprint race.
This paddlerace starts at the Manhattan Beach Pier at 7:30 a.m. with a water start and ends at the Hermosa Beach Pier.

Come support this local South Bay Boardriders Club event!

The Velzy-Stevens Paddleboard Championship race is SBBC’s open Ocean 2 mile paddleboard race for Watermen of all ages. This event is sponsored by the South Bay Boardriders Club and is part of the International Surf Festival. Named after pioneer Hermosa Beach surfboard and paddleboard builder Dale Velzy and surfer and Catalina Classic Paddleboard winner Terry Stevens the race is one of the most popular International Surf Festival events. The Velzy-Stevens Pier to Pier Paddleboard race is part of the International Surf Festival!

The race is a 2 mile open ocean race. The course parallels the shoreline, concluding on the south side of the Hermosa Beach Pier. Hosted by the South Bay Boardriders, this annual event attracts young an old alike. Soft-top boards, prone paddleboards, SUP’s are all welcome in this short 2 mile sprint race. Registration is now open.

This race is particularly popular with the Junior Guards as they test skills learned through their JG instructors throughout the summer. Awards are given for all age groups in a variety of Prone and SUP Board classes. Paddleboard racing has been one of the fastest growing ocean sports of late as the field of racers have continued to grow in recent years. While many Paddlers have their own paddleboards, as a courtesy, the L.A. County Lifeguards provide JGs with soft top boards prior to the race and Oceans Prone Paddleboards have boards to rent for the race and throughout the year ( Ed McKeegan and Jim Sepanek have run the Velzy-Stevens Paddleboard Championship since 2011 and invite you to be part of this traditionally fun/family event.

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