Supporting Our Young Watermen & Waterwomen
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Scholarships For Young Watermen & Waterwomen


A core goal of the South Bay Boardriders Club is to encourage young people’s growth, in and out of the water. With that in mind the SBBC Scholarship program was launched. Whether their goal is a four year university, community college, trade school, service organization, or something else, we want to lend a hand.

The first SBBC Waterman/Waterwoman scholarships were awarded in spring 2018 to four graduating high schoolers. In 2019 twelve student/athletes were recognized. We are so excited to be able to make sure these wonderful young adults know that their community appreciates them and is with them on their journey.

We asked nominees what being a Waterman/Waterwoman meant to them. Here are some of their answers:

“Life is like the ocean. You never know what will happen next or where the currents and tide will take you. But no matter what, any session in the water brings us joy.”

“If I can withstand a gnarly holdown with my leash trapped on the reef and stay calm enough to think, I am well prepared for life and will always be good under pressure.”

“Through the years, I have learned to take my fear and charge it head on, something I picked up as a waterwoman. Big scary waves no longer hold me back in my surfing, just as I don’t let fear hold me back in life.”

The South Bay Boardriders Club looks forward to continuing to support our young adults through the SBBC Waterman/Waterwoman Scholarship Program in the years to come!

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